I’m in my 56th year now and since the age of three I’ve had an interest in Motorcars. I had a bedspread with vintage cars printed all over it and bedroom curtains with racing cars everywhere. Hundreds of Matchbox cars and trucks and tens of Corgi models. I so loved playing with them, in the sand patch, in the house and even in the driveway. Then as time went by and I was approaching becoming a teenager it was decided that the best thing for me to do with my huge collection of toy cars was to give them away to poor children. It was arranged that we go up to Groote Schuur Hospital Children’s Wards and hand over three big boxes full of my precious Motorcars to the Sister in charge of the wards. She was as I remember a very nice lady. She picked out three cars and I had to personally give them to three children she pointed out to me. They were all in their hospital beds of course, too sick to be up and about like I was. I’ve never forgotten that day and never regretted it either but I did miss my toys for quite a long time after the event.